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Massage Packages

You pre-pay for 5 massages and get the 6th massage free. This deal is only offered through pre-paying if you are at Laurel Massage Studio for an appointment you cannot include that appointment in your package. You will have to pay for that appointment separate from your package. 

The plus '+' refers to other massage modalities that are offered at the same price. For example, Deep Tissue+ also includes Chakra Balancing Massage and Cupping Therapy. These are interchangeable.

30-, 45- and 75-Minute package options available on select massage modalities. 

60 Minute Swedish Package $400

90 Minute Swedish Package $600

60 Minute Deep Tissue+ Package $450

90 Minute Deep Tissue+ Package $650 

Chakra Balancing and Cupping Therapy

60 Lymphatic Drainage+ Package $425

90 Lymphatic Drainage+ Package $625

Sports Massage and Pre-Natal Massage

60 Minute CBD Oil+ Package $475

90 Minute CBD Oil+ Package $675

Hot Stone and Tigger Point Therapy

-You can book multiple appointments as far out as you're able or book each appointment as you go. 

-Book appointments online.

-Pre-pay by scheduling a "Gift Card Pick-Up' or pay for future package at massage appointment.

- Must book all 6 within a year of purchase date.

- You can book two package massages in a week maximum.

- Packages cannot be shared between service providers. whomever you choose to have your massage sessions with cannot be changed to another massage therapist.

Online pre-payment is no longer available. Schedule a 'Gift Card Pick-Up' in our Booking application to pre-pay for your package in person at Laurel Massage Studio.

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Deals/Discounts: About The Spa
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