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Laurel Massage Studio

Laurel Massage Studio is a local, woman owned small business located in downtown Racine Wisconsin. Laurel Massage Studio was founded in August of 2019 by owner and licensed massage therapist Lauren Recupero. The studio started as an individually owned and operated massage therapy business. Originally on Lake Ave. in Racine. Lauren was able to expand to a larger location in June of 2021 after the business had a difficult time due to COVID shutdowns.The current location has a less business-like atmosphere than the first location. Lauren has been able to create a more spa like feel after a large remodel adding drywall over paneling and new laminate flooring. With this remodel came a rework of the business' logo and colors. Which went from lavender and mint green to a more neutral beige and dark brown. This two-room suite on Monument Square has come a long way. This larger location and remodel have given us the opportunity to add more services to the menu. Though the business is named Laurel Massage Studio we offer more than massage services. Lash Extension services are also available to book at Laurel Massage Studio. We are hoping to continue to expand by adding more service providers and possibly more spa services as time goes on.


About Your Massage Therapist

Hello, my name is Lauren. I've been a licensed massage therapist since September 2014 & graduated from Aveda IBW located in Milwaukee WI. Massaging has always been a career I enjoy, specializing in Deep Tissue & Pre-natal massage. I believe every massage should be a relaxing experience while incorporating pressure to help relieve everyday stress & tension. Every session is customized to you, what you are needing in that day & what your long term goals are for you & your body.

I opened Laurel Massage Studio in August of 2019 on Lake Ave in Racine. In June of 2021 I was able to expand my business to a new, larger location, now on Monument Square in downtown Racine. It's always been my goal to own my own business. I'm so thankful to have this opportunity in Racine!

When I'm not helping my clients relax, I'm spending time with my three amazing kids & our family. 

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About Your Lash Technician

Meet Ashley, our newly certified lash technician. This is her first-year lashing and is thrilled to start taking clients! Since starting at the end of January she’s had great success with her clients!

 Ashley will be offering 20% off her Lash Services from February 19th until May 31st. 

Ashley is a certified lash technician; she took her lash classes with Delaney at Laney Lashes.

Her hours are Monday through Wednesday 10am-3pm, Thursday and Friday 10am-5pm.

Working two jobs right now, she is excited about lashing so one day she can lash as her sole full-time job. 

When she's not working, she spends her free time expressing her talent and hobby in art. 


Why do I have to book my appointment online?

Laurel Massages Studio does not have a receptionist to take calls during business hours. Therefore, online booking is a quicker and easier way to book your appointment. We also need to have a debit or credit card on file if you were to no-show your service provider or cancel your appointment too late.

Why can't I book with a certain service provider when your website says you are open?

Our open hours reflect all the active service providers working hours. For example, it will say we are open Monday 10am-3pm because our Lash Technician is available during that time, but our licensed massage therapist is not. Our online booking system will always provide you with each service providers available openings.

I came to or called Laurel Massage Studio when online says you are open, but no one answered the door or phone.

Laurel Massage Studio is strictly available by appointment only for all service providers. There is no working receptionist here to take walk in clients or calls. Please book all appointment ahead of time online as well as gift card pick-ups which is available in online booking free of charge. Calls will be answered as soon as possible.

Will the card I book with be charged for my appointment before my scheduled appointment?

No, your card will never be charged in full before your appointment or without your permission for that appointment. Your card is only on file for late cancellations or no-shows, in that case your will be charged about a 50% fee.
You can choose to save the card you book with on file for future appointments. If you choose to save your card for your appointments it will not be charged until after the service is completed and with your permission.

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